Tri-Service 5K Virtual Challenge

Now entering its 12th year, 9RUNRUN has become one of the National Capital Region’s most special running events.

We are cognizant that 2020 and 2021 has been particularly challenging for first responders and their families, so we are looking for ways to increase participation in this year’s 9runrun to increase awareness and raise funds for the mental health of first responders.

We’d like to issue a challenge to Police, Fire and Paramedic Services to do a 5k run in teams. We also encourage these groups in turn, to challenge members of other halls, bays or precincts to do the same. It is an opportunity to connect everyone, while maintaining physical distancing and having some fun along the way!

How will it work?

A team must register that has at least one member who is an active or retired tri-service member. One person has to set-up the team on Race Roster, then other participants can add themselves to that team by selecting ‘Yes, add this registrant to a team created by someone else’ under ‘TEAMS’.

Once they are registered, they may issue a challenge directly or via social media (using hashtag #triservice5k) to another group of first responders. That team may then accept or decline the invitation.

Along with all the swag from 9runrun, including:

  • T-shirt for each team member;
  • Finisher’s medals;
  • Custom race bibs;
  • nuun Hydration;
  • Finish line tape;


there will also be special prizes for the following teams:

  • Fastest combined team time (times must be uploaded to Race Roster);
  • Most money fundraised (not a requirement to fundraise in order to participate);
  • Most creative run (giving first responders a chance to really get in the spirit, dress up and use some eccentric props! This is a great goal for teams with slower moving members and those running with children).

We sincerely hope that you will inform other members and put out challenges for them to participate in the 9runrun Tri-Service 5K Challenge in support of First Responder Mental Health.